Avoid Common Track Injuries

June 13, 2019

For track athletes, there is nothing more exciting than gearing up for a new season. However, if athletes are not prepared for the various injuries that linger around each lap, their time on the track could be cut short. Luckily, athletes can stay healthy by learning how to avoid common track injuries.

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Common Knee Injuries from Running

Whether you are training on a track, terrain, or treadmill, running is a high-impact sport that puts immense force on your knees that can cause painful injuries over time.

The most common knee injuries track athletes might experience include Runner’s Knee (pain behind and around the knee cap) and Jumper’s Knee (tears in the patellar tendon). Though each injury is different, the common denominator is the constant shock sent to the knee each time the foot smacks the pavement.


In addition to proper stretching, adding a preventative knee brace to your track wardrobe is one of the best ways to prevent common knee injuries from track.

The Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support is specifically made to reduce and prevent injuries like Runner’s Knee, Jumper’s Knee, sprains, swelling, knee tendonitis, and muscle overuse. With an innovative pad designed to absorb pressure peaks, this breathable knee brace prevents muscles from overloading while providing positive sensorimotor feedback to increase the confidence and stability of runners.


Sports Knee Support

> Supports the movement of the knee during sporting activities through gentle, beneficial compression which alleviates the effects of overuse and high impact on the knee
> An anatomically contoured pad surrounds the kneecap, which helps disperse pressure, reducing stress and risk of injury
> The 3D AirKnit fabric is lightweight, comfortable, moisture wicking and washable; designed for maximum breathability and comfort

Common Ankle Injuries from Running

From pushing off the starting blocks to crossing the finish line, the ankles of track athletes are also under high duress.

When runners hit their stride, each ankle is taking on the shock of the ground plus the entire body weight of the runner. Over time, this can lead to common ankle injuries like Achilles Tendonitis (swelling of the Achilles tendon) and ankle sprains that can prevent track athletes from giving their all.


As with knee injury prevention, ankle injuries can be avoided with proper stretching and supports, like the Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support and Sports Ankle Support Dynamic.

The Sports Ankle Support reduces and prevents ankle swelling, sprains, and overload by providing reliable stabilization under high loads during running. More durable than sports tape, the Sports Ankle Support is a lightweight, breathable ankle brace that will let runners hit the track with confidence.


Sports Ankle Support

> Figure 8 Taping Strap more durable than a tape bandage
> 3D AirKnit fabric for breathability made of hard-wearing material
> Stays in place during movement
> Intermittent compression provides stimulation & reliable stabilization
> Moisture-wicking and washable

For runners that participate in high intensity training or distance running, the Sports Ankle Support Dynamic’s knitted fabric zones promote circulation and metabolism to quickly relieve and stabilize the active muscles to improve joint coordination and reduce the risk of injury.

Sports Ankle Support Dynamic

> Slim design supports the ankle and gives you secure fit with maximum freedom
> 3D AirKnit fabric for breathability made of hard-wearing material
> Improves proprioception
> Comfortable anatomic fit
> Moisture-wicking and washable

Common Calf Injuries from Running

Both seasoned and novice runners know that painful calf injuries can be season-ending, especially when it comes to shin splints.

Caused by excessive amounts of force on the shin bone and tissues attached to the shin bone, shin splints cause the calf muscles to swell and increase the pressure against the shin bone, which leads to painful inflammation. If shin splints are left untreated, a simple step can cause excruciating pain to track athletes.


When it comes to preventing painful shin splints, track stars should keep a few things in mind: proper stretching, good footwear, and compression, compression, compression.

The Bauerfeind Sports Compression Sleeves help prevent shin splints by increasing the transfer of oxygen and promoting improved circulation. This will help reduce the swelling associated with shin splints and help promote endurance, regeneration, and energy while reducing damaging muscle vibrations. This will allow track athletes to run pain free each time they step on the track.

Sports Compression Calf Sleeves

> Highly elastic knitted fabric for a carefully regulated level of compression
> Wide edging for a perfect fit
> Breathable high-tech microfibers feel good on the skin
> Hard-wearing and durable material