Prevent Ankle Pain When Running

August 29, 2019

From short, powerful sprints to long, cross-country glides, no two running routines are the same. However, there is one thing all runners have in common: potential ankle pain. With our feet smacking the track, treadmill, or trail over and over, our ankles can experience serious wear-and-tear over time. That is why we recommend the Bauerfeind Sports Ankle support to help stabilize, soothe, and protect your ankles mile after mile. 

Comfortable Support

When it comes to most common ankle injuries, pain often arises from two things: overuse and/or lack of stabilization. For example, if your ankles are constantly absorbing the shock each time you smack the ground, the ankle can run the risk of a sprain or strain. Additionally, if runners do not stabilize their ankles, one wrong step can cause excruciating injuries.

people running on race track

That is why the Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support was created with a figure eight strapping system that provides comfortable stability step after step. This will keep the ankle stable even during the most vigorous run. Plus, with medical standard compression, the brace helps boost circulation and reduce the damaging muscle vibrations sent through your foot and towards your ankle. This will reduce joint, tendon, and ligament loads for a safer, more confident run. 

Sports Ankle Support-Rivera-Right-XS

Maximum Confidence

While many braces are bulky and feel like cement on the ankle, the Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support is made with a breathable 3D Air Knit technology that allows runners to move with 100% freedom without sacrificing quality support and protection. The positive sensorimotor feedback of this brace will not only reduce potential ankle injuries, but also give runners the confidence to give it their all with each step. From the treadmill to rough terrain, runners will feel a positive difference when running with the Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support.

Sports Ankle Support

> Figure 8 Taping Strap more durable than a tape bandage
> 3D AirKnit fabric for breathability made of hard-wearing material
> Stays in place during movement
> Intermittent compression provides stimulation & reliable stabilization
> Moisture-wicking and washable