Protect Your Ankles this Running Season

June 27, 2019

It is is no mystery that running is one of the most high-impact activities out there. After all, a few laps around the track can equal to hundreds of steps where your entire weight is just on just one leg! This type of repetitive impact can put a runner’s ankles at risk of injury if not properly tended to. That is why Bauerfeind has an ankle brace specifically designed to protect your ankles this running season.

What Causes Ankle Injuries?

When it comes to running, ankle injuries can be caused by a variety of things. However, most common ankle injuries usually stem from repeatedly loading the ankle joint or from an unstable ankle that results in a sprain. Without proper protective gear, runners are at a higher risk from these types of painful ankle injuries.

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How to Prevent Common Ankle Injuries

Whether you are a seasoned runner who is increasing your mileage or a  novice that is hitting the track for the first time, protecting your ankles is crucial to staying healthy. After all, it is much easier and less painful to prevent an injury than it is to recover from it! One way to successfully protect your ankles and reduce current ankle agitations is by adding the Bauerfeind Ankle Support Dynamic to your running gear. 



Sports Ankle Support Dynamic

> Slim design supports the ankle and gives you secure fit with maximum freedom
> 3D AirKnit fabric for breathability made of hard-wearing material
> Improves proprioception
> Comfortable anatomic fit
> Moisture-wicking and washable

Made with a durable yet breathable material, the Ankle Support Dynamic provides comfort, stability, and confidence during long and intensive periods of training. The knitted fabric zones of the brace promote depth perception and provide a gentle compression to counteract muscle overload, ankle instability, and jumpstart muscle regeneration for a faster recovery. This will leave runners with improved joint coordination, protection against common ankle injuries, and greater confidence to go all out during their running workouts.