2018 AJC Peachtree Road Race Recap

Race and Recovery
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Race Day

On day 3 of their Atlanta Peachtree trip, our #myperfecttrail participants woke up bright and early to corral for the 49th annual AJC Peachtree Road Race. As an Atlanta Track Club partner, Bauerfeind USA provided bibs for our 8 winners, 2 bloggers and German Olympic marathon runners, the Hahner Twins.

With a forecast of 92ºF (33ºC) and 60% humidity, the visitors from outside of the South were surprised at how much the weather impacted the already tough and hilly road race. Even so, they joined over 60,000 runners and took to the streets of Atlanta for the world’s largest 10K.

Running blogger Sabrina Wieser, @RunningBrina, put together this great video detailing the course and her experience running the race with Bauerfeind:

See Sabrina’s full rundown on her blog here.

The night before the race, one of the Hahner Twins – Lisa, had to make the tough choice not to run the Peachtree. A lingering injury to her ankle had flared up during a photo shoot and her coach advised that the risk was too great to run on it. Bummed about missing out on the run, she didn’t let it stop her from cheering on her sister and the other competitors along the sidelines.

“It’s a special energy that I felt out there. People are excited and a bit nervous,” said Lisa. “I prefer to run obviously, but if I can’t run I love feeling the energy of the race.”

“There was a magic moment right before the race when they were playing the National Anthem and then that jet flew over. I really got goosebumps,” added Anna. “It was touching. I’m German but I really felt an excitement like, ‘Now I’m ready to run.'”

Anna finished with a time of 35:04 in what she described as the hardest 10K road race she’s ever run. After the race the group was welcomed at the Atlanta Track Club VIP afterparty, and enjoyed 4th of July fireworks above the Atlanta skyline.

Listen to Anna and Lisa’s exclusive interview on the Run ATL Podcast.

Race Recovery: Compression sleeves + Yoga in the park

Bauerfeind’s Sports Compression Sleeves provide medical-grade compression for better endurance, less fatigue and faster recovery times. Our runners wore a combination of the lower leg/calf and the arm sleeves during and after the race to support their circulation and keep soreness at bay.

In conjunction with wearing compression, a good stretching routine is vital for injury prevention and overall running health. 24 hours after the Peachtree Road Race, we met at Piedmont Park for recovery yoga on the green.

“I have never worn compression garments before this week,” said Canadian runner Barb Minnick. “But yours were so comfortable and supportive during the Peachtree race, my legs feel great today.”

Sports Compression Sleeves Lower Leg

> Extra-wide supportive band for comfortable fit
> Compression zones improve circulation and reduce damaging muscle vibrations
> Lightweight, breathable material provides moisture-wicking comfort
> Reduces risk of shin splints, calf pulls and other injuries

Sports Compression Sleeves Upper Leg

> Non-slip, silicone-dotted band for secure fit during rigorous activity
> Compression zones improve circulation and reduce damaging muscle vibrations
> Lightweight, breathable material provides moisture-wicking comfort
> Reduces thigh rubbing or chaffing during sports

Sports Compression Sleeves Arm

> Highly elastic knitted fabric for a carefully regulated amount of compression based on medical standards
> Extra-soft inner elbow area for exceptional comfort
> Breathable high-tech microfiber feels good on the skin
> Durable and washable material