Medical-Grade Compression

NBATA Trainer Talk
NBATA Trainer Talk

Medical-grade compression means Bauerfeind follows the RAL standard, which is accepted in Germany and recognized in most European countries, and is proven to be medically effective.

Bauerfeind braces and supports are all manufactured in Germany, where our team is dedicated to designing products with the highest quality standards. Our entire Train line of supports provides medical-grade compression to stimulate circulation and muscle recovery and reduce pain and swelling.

Members of the National Basketball Athletic Trainers Association rely on Bauerfeind supports for their team members as the medical effectiveness of our supports has been proven time after time.

“[Bauerfeind has] just enough compression to help reduce swelling but also allow good blood flow and nutrients to get back to the joint,” says Jay Sabol, head athletic trainer for the Miami Heat.

Medical-grade compression gives you the confidence that the pain will subside quickly, says assistant athletic trainer Ron Weathers.

“The reduction of pain is paramount when you’re trying to do [rehabilitation],” says Weathers. “Any time you have medical grade compression and get the swelling off, pain immediately leaves.”