“We both aspire to be number one”

The Austrian Ski Association relies on the products and expertise offered by Bauerfeind.
Health & Wellness
As marketing manager for the Austrian Ski Association (ÖSV), Mario Reiter knows how important it is for athletes to have the support of the best product manufacturers. He trusts in the strong partnership between Bauerfeind and the ÖSV.
Mario Reiter
Marketing Manager
Austrian Ski Association (ÖSV)

Mario Reiter himself enjoyed a long and successful career in alpine skiing, winning medals at the Olympic Games and World Championships.

“At that time, of course, it felt like I always had the best products available,” he recalls. Nowadays, as the Austrian Ski Association (ÖSV) marketing manager, he is personally responsible for forging partnerships with product manufacturers and knows just how much work this involves.

“Knowing what I do today, I realize how important it is to engage the best partners,” he says. “Athletes only really appreciate everything that a partnership like the one with Bauerfeind entails when there is a need to.”

Now I realize how important it is to engage the best partners.

As a former elite athlete, Mario says he knows first-hand the importance of high-quality products. “I suffered plenty of injuries myself, so I learned to appreciate top-quality supports.”

Reiter relies on Bauerfeind products in his private life too. “I always wear a knee support when I go skiing and compression stockings on days when I have to spend a lot of time standing,” he says.

A partnership dating back years

Reiter is therefore particularly pleased that Bauerfeind is supporting the ÖSV’s athletes. Twice a year, they are provided with new products on “kitting out days.”

“But the partnership also goes much further than that,” Reiter adds. “We can always call on the experts at Bauerfeind as a point of contact if we need to. The relationship works so well because there is a balance between the services rendered and those received in return. We also both aspire to be the absolute number one in our field.”

There has to be a balance between the services rendered and those received in return.
Andrea Limbacher
World Championship Gold Medalist
Ski cross

Sticking together through thick and thin

Andrea Limbacher, one of the ÖSV’s elite athletes, also relies on Bauerfeind products. “Unfortunately, Andrea has had to battle with some very serious injuries in the past,” says Reiter. “As an association, we wanted to support her as much as possible through this difficult time and this included making contact with medical specialists and product manufacturers.”

We are convinced that we have the support of an exceptional partner in Bauerfeind.

As an association, the ÖSV is involved in arranging preventive care for its athletes on the one hand and helping them in the event of acute injuries on the other.

“In Andrea’s case, we felt it was important to show her that she can continue to count on us even when she is not at full fitness,” says Reiter. “Bauerfeind offered the ideal support for this with its high-quality products and expertise.”

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