Workout Wednesday: Scissor Kick

Foot and Ankle Recovery Exercise
Strengthen the muscles that move and support the joints of the lower extremities.

This exercise is intended to restore or enhance agility while also working to strengthen the muscles that move and support the joints of the lower extremities.

The anatomically designed pressure relief zones in Bauerfeind’s ViscoSpot heel cups may aid in relieving foot and heel pain.

You will need an exercise step or similar object to perform this exercise. While facing the step, stand upright on feet spread hip-width apart. Place one foot on the step with the other on the floor, spring up with both feet to switch their positions.

Adjust your pace according to your ability and repeat as instructed or tolerated.

ViscoSpot® Heel Cup

>Cushion every step you take: Like shock absorbers for your heels, ViscoSpot cushions the impact of your feet with the ground and allows a pain-free stride.
>Soft viscoelastic material absorbs shock loads and counteracts pain triggered by overloading when walking or standing.
>3 density zones targets painful areas and distributes pressure evenly to make every step more comfortable.

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