Workout Wednesday: Standing Rows

Strengthen the muscles responsible for extending the shoulders.

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Standing Rows

This exercise is intended to strengthen the muscles responsible for extending the shoulders while engaging or involving the muscles of the core.

Back pain is a common complaint with many origins. The LumboTrain back support from Bauerfeind helps to support the low back and control the stresses that may produce pain.

For this exercise you will need an elastic band or tubing. Attach the band or tubing to a fixed stationary object or structure. Take one end of the tube or band in each hand. While standing on feet spread hip-width apart, squat slightly and stabilize your spine by contracting your core muscles.

From the position described, squeeze your shoulder blades together and draw your arms back against the resistance supplied by the band. Adjust resistance by moving closer to or farther away from the band’s point of attachment.

Perform all movements in a controlled fashion, relax and repeat as instructed.

LumboTrain Back Support

> Comfortable, breathable knitted fabric with front Velcro fastenings and hand straps allow for easy application and adjustment, even for people with arthritis
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> Supports and massages the lumbar vertebra

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